Africa Life Aid is an organization with vast knowledge on local customs and traditions, livelihood practices and geographical landscape that has direct effect on people’s lifestyles.

Africa Life Aid is a South Sudanese National Organization formed in 2016 and officially registered by the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) South Sudan and issued with a registration certificate number 518.

Africa Life Aid is a member of the South Sudan NGO Forum and recognized by the UNOCHA as humanitarian agency.

The organization is formed by professionals in South Sudan who have worked for international organizations, UN Agencies, governmental departments.

We have over the period developed their experiences in project formulation, planning, implementation and monitoring and evaluation of both emergency and development programmes.


To support and develop local solutions to chronic challenges in food security and livelihoods, education and protection while enhancing community cohesion.


Walk communities through stages of developing livelihoods.


Humanitarian services

  1. Provide relief and alleviate suffering of victims of natural and man made disasters.
  2. Act within minimum time to respond to disasters, hence minimizing mortality, morbidity and suffering.
  3. Liaise with other partners and governmental institution to ensure a coordinated response to disasters.


  • To initiate/design, develop and implement community-based programmes to increase members’ and communities’ access to opportunities thereby reducing poverty

  • To establish, run and maintain programmes providing valuable information and support  to  issues  affecting  directly  and/or  indirectly  women,  for  example, abortion, reproductive health, Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting  (FGM/C), prostitution, gender disparity, economic  injustice, domestic violence  and other human rights violations.

  • To identify, promote and support talent amongst the members and the community in such areas as art, education, music, sport, technology, business and so on.

  • To undertake, or cause to be undertaken, within the organization or otherwise in collaboration  with  other  like  minded   individuals,   bodies  and  organizations research on socio-economic matters relating to the general population.

  • To  initiate  activities  and   programmes   on  agriculture  and   environmental protection, advocacy  or participating in policy developments tailored towards sustainable agriculture and environmental protection.

  • Design and implement programmes that will  help foster entrepreneurship and private sector participation in social-economic development i.e. micro-enterprise development and savings schemes.

  • Design and implement programmes that will help facilitate access to financial and business development services by individual members, their families and communities, with special emphasis to women and youth.

  • To hold workshops, seminars, conferences, and or run programmes  that will address issues such as, and not limited to:-

  • Improving the general situations on livelihoods, cultures, art and infrastructure or other matters as  may be  relevant and  appropriate to the membership and  or community.

  • The guidance  and counseling  for youth, women or other categories  of people affected by drugs, conflicts and other social menace.

  • The bridging of the gap between women and their men counterparts on areas like education, socio-economic influences and decision making.

  • Fighting HIV/AIDS  through awareness  campaigns,  fighting stigma and discrimination  associated with  AIDS patients and  enhancing  the provision of drugs to those who are infected.

  • To promote peace, human  rights, democracy, understanding and social harmony.

  • Generally to do all such other things as are incidental to the attainment of the above objectives or any of them.


Africa Life Aid raises money from non political, non allied and any other non discriminative body to fund its activities.

Africa Life Aid makes proposals and concept notes and submits them to UN Agencies, International NGOs, private and public foundations, individuals, bilateral governmental bodies etc.

Africa Life Aid subscribes to acceptable best practices in management of funds received and utilizes the same with diligence and submits reports accordingly. Africa Life Aid ensures value for money for all the activities carried out.

A financial guideline has been developed for this purpose and where applicable, Africa Life Aid will adopt donors’ prescriptions on utilization of funds.


Africa life Aid is currently actively working in Jubek State operating from its offices in Juba, in Greater Magwi and Mundri. Africa Life Aid is also ready to provide services to population on move such as IDPs, Returnees and any other vulnerable groups anywhere within South Sudan.

Africa Life Aid is an active member of the following clusters:

  • Protection
  • Education
  • WASH
  • Food Security and Livelihoods.
  • Peace Building
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